Thursday, June 14, 2012

Waking up to Deliciousness

I have been a fan of a certain green-logoed coffee place's iced lattes for a while and since changing my diet (cutting out most sugar & starches) I have really enjoyed having a hazelnut or caramel iced latte - sugar-free with whole or 2% milk - as a treat.  It is one of the few things I can pick up when I am out and about and enjoy.  As you well know...these are not cheap treats.  So about 3 weeks ago I started researching making iced coffees at home.  I have had friends rave about cold-pressed coffee so that seemed like just the thing to solve my dilemma.  My boyfriend and I decided to buy a simple french-press coffee maker (you may have one you use to make hot coffee) and follow various directions on the internet about how to make cold-pressed coffee.  Here is what we have decided on:  16 scoops (scoop came with the coffee maker) of coarse-grind coffee & fill up the rest of the french press with cold/tap water.  Conventional wisdom says 9-24 hours of soaking in the fridge.  We have run the gambit of times and all seem to be fine - possibly longer makes it a little stronger.  Once your time is up, press the coffee grinds to the bottom & then store your cold-press coffee concentrate.  We use good old mason jars.  :)   Then when you feel like a treat or need a nice summery wake-up coffee, put a little bit of ice in your favorite glass, fill about half the glass (give or take for how strong you like it) with your fresh cold-pressed coffee, add a dash (or two or three) of your favorite sweetener - sugar-free syrup for me please, and fill up your glass with the milk of your choice.  Stir and savor your delicious treat! 

Syrups - We have found sugar-free syrups (Torani or DaVinci) at Sam's Club and King Soopers.  I prefer hazlenut or caramel so far.  But we also like Kaluha flavored and I am sure many of you would like vanilla. I might be wishing for sugar-free almond/amaretto or English toffee or cinnamon sugar flavored syrup as well.  Check out for all variety of flavors.  Something new to try!

Milk - Since changing my diet, I have been indulging in higher fat milks to slow down the lactose-sugar breakdown.  We did try half and half in our coffees but felt that was a bit much.  I think I prefer whole milk for my iced coffees but 2% is also good.  Choose your favorite!  

Hope you enjoy a little window into my summer "cooking".

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